Campground Improvements 2018

Hello campers just a quick note on what improvements you will see camping with us in 2018:

1. The complete upgrade of the sewage system at the park. All sites are now full service. A septic connection has been installed to each and every site.

2. An upgraded to the park’s electrical system, with the addition of a new transformer to greatly increase the ability of the campground to handle peak electrical loads. We have further zoned the campground more efficiently and balanced the load across multiple transformers.

3. After hearing the complaints about the bathrooms, the main bathrooms and showers have been completely gutted and renovated. We have purchased a brand new General Coach bathroom and shower trailer for the south side of the park. Furthermore, we have purchased a new bathroom and shower for the north side of the park. With an overall 100% increase to the available shower and bathroom facilities, and a major increase in the quality of the facilities.

4. The beach area has been completely upgraded; this creates a beautiful sitting area by the water and shoreline.

5. A convenience store has been added in the main building where the office is located.

6. A laundry facility has also been added in the main building.

7. A new tower has been installed to allow the campground to connect to higher Internet speeds.

8. The gate system is currently being upgraded to enable easier automated access to our campground.

9. New BBQ Donut Boats and “Corcl” Kids boats have been purchased and will be available to rent.

10. A brand new canteen has been purchased and installed. This canteen will also offer a new ice cream machine. We are further increasing the operating hours and adding breakfast as an option with homemade waffles and real maple syrup.

Let us know what you think of the upgrades and what else you would like to see at the park.

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