Victoria Day Weekend “May 24”

And so, it begins, the first long weekend, Victoria Day or as we have decided to rename it “May 24”, has come and gone.  We held a BBQ for the campground this past weekend to welcome our seasonal campers and say hello to our weekend visitors and overnight campers.  While observing this I am again reminded why I so enjoy camping and campers.  Everyone mingled, everyone chatted about the winter gone by, the wet spring we have experienced and the wish for a nice warm summer.  But the ah-ha moment is the absolute comfort level everyone had with one another, all enjoying the Ontario / Canadian camping experience and that common thread of being in our wonderful outdoors.

We all share something that we desire and feel this warm contentment, but it is hard to describe, that feeling of a long relaxing sigh, as we get to camp, as the stress of the week is washed away by all the pleasant memories we have and an optimism of the new experiences to come.  That feeling of a great weekend had, as those of us who must, leave to go home and face the real world for another week, even as we arrive home to our spacious houses, which now seem so much larger and more comfortable.  These are all emotions and experiences shared as campers in Ontario.

At Sandbanks River Country, we are striving to create an atmosphere where you and your family and friends can build these memories as well.  Where you can expose your children and grandchildren to this oh so Canadian tradition, the first sight of an Osprey, the first tug on a fishing line, that first campfire and the warm tiredness of falling asleep after a wonderful day outdoors.  If you have not tried this, why not, if you have tried it and wandered away, come on back.  We are a camping nation, it’s what we do!!  Come out and camp!!  We hope to see you soon at Sandbanks River Country Campground. Stay on the river….play on the beach!!

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